Greetings! My name is Keith Holmes and I hope you enjoy Maptalker.

I graduated at the University of Victoria with a master of science degree in 2012. My research interestes revolve around changing landscapes, spatial pattern analysis, and cartography.

Current Projects:

Currently I am working at the Hakai Institute researching all sorts of spatial science topics on the Central Coast of British Columbia. I work with a number of researchers to expand the spatial context of their work. At any one time I am involved in everyting from air photos, LiDAR, kelp mapping, onling mapping, marine mammals, forest productivity, and hydrology.Photo by Grant Callegari

Previous Projects:

From 2007 to 2010 I worked on a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) project in Iraq. My job was to research spatial information like water quality, infrastructure, biodiversity, and social issues using GIS. I had the oportunity to work with many international organizations like the united nations (UNDP, OCHA, WHO, FAO, etc.) RAMSAR, and officials in the Iraqi government. I continue to monitor the conditions of the Iraqi Marshlands and some of the more recent maps can be seen in my "maptivism" tab.

I successfully defended my masters in science in December 2012. My research used a 21 year data set of remote sensing and climate data to create a predictive model for future changes to landscape productivity and biodiversity indicators using future climate scenarios. Some of the maps and details are in my "Bio-Climate" section. Currently, one of my research papers has been published in the journal Diversity. 

My masters research lab:

  Spatial Pattern Analysis and Research Laboratory

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